I took my first steps in photography at a young age and had fun seeing what would happen as I developed the film.

I didn’t do anything professional with photography for many years, but I eagerly kept an eye on what various well-known photographers were doing in their works. The fascination was there, but I hadn’t yet taken the first step to my own career.

One day, I was invited to a workshop about photographing people and the fire was lit. I felt alive and could now live out my creativity. I had finally found my thing.

But life has its own way of meandering through the desert, so it would be another long time before I took a camera in hand. But that journey has finally come to an end and I have arrived in the promised land of my hopes and dreams.

I am fascinated with immortalizing the unique people and moments I encounter in pixels in a way that makes the photo alive and go beyond a two-dimensional representation.

What photography means for me

When I have the camera in my hand during a shoot, it gives me a feeling that’s very special and difficult to explain. I feel alive in a very special way.

I become a director and storyteller. I study the lighting, the situation, and the atmosphere and then convert it all into my images. All the while making respect for my subjects with all their facets and emotions my top priority.

Respect people and your photography will be full of life.

”A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Annie Leibovitz
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